Bonds is committed to continuous improvement and has fully documented Policies & Procedures within its Quality Management System. The purpose of the QMS is to assure consistent services that confirm to relevant codes, determinations, standards, supply agreements and contractual requirements in a timely manner. To meet this objective the QMS complies with the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001. This certification has been in place since 2008 and the QMS applies to Bonds’ taxi-truck services, warehousing and distribution services including Bonds’ third party logistics (3PL) sites. The Bonds QMS has specific procedures and documented procedures for the following:

  • Driver screening and selection
  • Driver induction, training & certification (AACA)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Accident and incident reporting
  • Root cause analysis and rectification
  • Vehicle quality auditing
  • Document and records management

In accordance with our ISO certification, Bonds undertakes regular quality reviews of internal processes and IT systems with the specific intent of continuous improvement. This review process and ongoing improvement is independently audited and annually validated by our ISO accreditation provider.