Permanent Hire

TBond-store-repack-warehouse-3PL-storagehe business case for replacing an in-house fleet with a cost effective on-demand model is compelling. Operating your own fleet incurs high fixed costs and imposes substantial management overhead. Additional expenses are incurred when replacement drivers or hire vehicles are required due to driver absence or breakdowns. Engaging Bonds to outsource your end-to-end requirements provides you with the following business cost benefits:

  • Known costs (communications, tolls, overtime)
  • No fleet maintenance or running costs
  • No leave accruals and liabilities
  • Reduced Workplace Health and Safety exposure
  • Reduced workers compensation costs
  • Rapid ability to scale up without capital commitment
  • Ability to scale down to reduce costs as required

Bonds permanent hire vehicles can include your signage and driver branding on uniforms (logos and service marks) to represent and promote your brand in the marketplace. Features of the Bonds permanent hire operation include:

  • Input into driver selection
  • Expert Account Management
  • Replacement backup drivers
  • Professional route optimisation
  • Fleet depth and flexible capabilities
  • Your livery / branding on vehicle and driver uniformContact us Now
  • 24×7 dispatch and operational support
  • GPS tracking with KPI reporting