Safety & Security

3PL-warehouse-BrisbaneWe’re experienced in working with dangerous goods and Bonds is Haz-Mat certified with specialist drivers and vehicles to meet your needs. Talk to the team about your requirements.

Bonds has one of the most stable workforces in the transport industry and is committed to investing in quality people and processes. We emphasise the importance of quality customer interactions across the whole business. Therefore, we screen all potential staff and contractors for cultural fit with these Bonds values. 
The Bonds recruitment and screening process utilises job descriptions with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We also seek the following personal attributes with candidates:


  • Punctual, reliable, accountable, trustworthy and team player
  • Experienced, competent, professional, positive attitude and customer-centric
  • Clean and personal pride in appearance
  • Clear communicator and able to use technology
  • Safety conscious and good driving record.

During the screening process we ensure that all drivers have a current drivers license, registration and have undertaken the required training (HSE) and certification (AACA). Interviews are conducted and references checked. Security Police Checks are done as required and see redacted sample certificate.

In addition to Police Checks where appropriate, Bonds has worked simone-schmitclosely with the Australian Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development with regard to air cargo accreditation. Consequently, Bonds has been migrated from RACA to the more appropriate Accredited Air Cargo Agent (AACA) status. As a part of this, all Bonds drivers undergo online airline security training (certified upon completion) with the Department of Infrastructure. 
The following is an excerpt from Department of Infrastructure website: The AACA Scheme complements the existing Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA) Scheme to cover businesses that transport and handle air cargo. To become an AACA, your business operations must include the road transport of cargo that will be carried aboard an aircraft. For further details, see the AACA website:

Bonds is experienced in operating to and from sea ports and airports and ensures drivers have the necessary training and credentials including driver identification badges.

Document Security & Storage is also Bonds-John-Doeimportant and customer information and documents are kept securely, handed only to Bonds employees and agents directly involved with execution of services. Hard copies of all documents are kept in a locked environment when not in the possession or direct supervision of the Bonds employee or agent. All hard copy documents are securely stored for a minimum period of seven (7) years and electronically signed Proof Of Delivery (POD) dockets are instantly retrievable online and with unlimited free archiving.

Bonds warehouses also have high levels of security and monitoring to ensure that all client’s goods are stored safely and securely.