FoodbankSince 1998, Bonds Express have been a pro-bono supplier and supporter of Foodbank Australia who encourage manufacturers in the food, beverage and grocery industries to donate their products to those in need. Manufacturers deliver their donated products to Foodbank locations in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. The food is sorted, stored and made available to accredited welfare agencies throughout Australia. The food is used in the preparation of meals or distributed as food parcels to needy Australian families.

Foodbank offer the food industry single access to a huge number of registered and accredited charitable agencies which are providing on-site food relief. These welfare agencies include The Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul Society & Anglicare. Welfare Agencies are required to sign a legal undertaking to accept product as is and not sell, exchange or barter product for money, or other products or services. Bonds is proud to support Foodbank as they:

  • help to feed over 20,000 people each day – that’s over 7 million meals per year
  • receive food donations from over 500 food and grocery companies
  • distribute over 5 million kilos of food each year
  • provide a pantry for over 1,500 accredited welfare agencies around Australia
  • operate with fewer than 25 paid employees and an army of volunteers