Bonds is a recognised leader in IT systems innovation within the transport industry. We understand that IT systems need to seamlessly serve all parties in the supply chain and Bonds has made significant investments in electronic automation, self-service portalsCity-crisis-mail-call-bicycle-courier

(Bonds Customer Portal) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Our capabilities include:

  • Electronic PODs that can be “re-skinned” with your brand for on-screen signature and then your brand also on archived and hard copies
  • Real-time GPS tracking via our portal to show the exact location of the vehicle responsible for delivering of goods at any time.
  • Online booking for uploading all shipping, consignment note and other documentation
  • Automatically create job bookings from emailed CSV or XMLS files (eJobs)
  • Automatic job creation from your IT system directly into Bonds Dynamic Dispatch 
(BDD) mainframe system via agreed Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Automatically provide pick-up notification via email or SMS
  • Automatic notification via e-mail or SMS for delivery or delay
  • Automatic e-mail signed POD with your logo following delivery
  • Free unlimited historical archive and retrieval of online Proof of Delivery (POD) dockets
  • Self service portal for managing and facilitating all account queries

The Bonds dispatch process is automated using the Bonds Dynamic Dispatch (BDD) system which runs on an IBM mainframe computer and facilitates two-way digital data transfer to drivers with real time dispatch, accept, delivery and POD along with the following information and capabilities:

  • Fleet availability
  • Up to the minute driver location
  • Client information
  • Job details
  • Two-way driver messaging

Bonds also utilises the latest Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) technology for drivers and proprietary software applications to ensure maximum efficiency and compliance. Should any driver’s registration, license or AACA certification, etc. lapse then they are automatically suspended and prevented from doing jobs to ensure that the highest safety and compliance standards are achieved. The Bonds dispatch system further facilitates two-way digital data transfer to the driver’s PDA with real time dispatch, accept, delivery and POD. Bonds supports customer defined messaging formats including CSV, FTP, EDI, and SMS. Document imaging is also supported with the individual customer’s logo on POD’s and POD e-mails.

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